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How to Launch Your Facebook #GivingTuesday Fundraiser for Catholic non-profits


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Three reasons why you should run a Facebook #GivingTuesday campaign this December 1, 2020

  • - Facebook will match up to $100,000 of what you raise. Applies only for US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofits.
  • - You pay 0% transaction fees. Facebook covers processing fees so that 100% of your donation goes to support mission. Applies to all nonprofits, USA and world.
  • - Get a piece of the action! Last year, Over $400 million was raised on #GivingTuesday. That's $277,770 donated every minute!

Here is the link to the details about Facebook's #GivingTuesday offer to non-profits.

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What Catholics are saying about Brice and

"A very, very, very much needed service to the Church. I think this work is so important."

Jennifer Fulwiler, The Jen Fulwiler Show

"Great for fundraising. I shared some thoughts of it at our recent Priest Senate Meeting" Bishop Donald Lippert, Bishop of Mendi

"I feel like I have a vision and a pathway to move forward with joy."  

Nancy Kiolbasa, Director of MarriageMaterial and Abortion Advice in Minnesota

"I have a much better sense of the things I need to be working on." JonMarc Grodi, Director of the Coming Home Network

"Uses the perfect blend of Catholic teaching, technology, and personal experience, to attract Catholics, inpire them, and raise funds."

Patrick Coffin, The Patrick Coffin Show

"An extremely gifted, technology oriented fundraiser, He is also– and this is most important – a genuinely faithful Catholic who loves the Lord and His Church."  

Deacon Keith Fournier, Dean of Catholic Online School and Chaplain of Your Catholic Voice Foundation

Some of my favorite Catholics to spend time with...

Cardinal Robert Sarah signing copies of his fantastic book, God or Nothing. He is one of my favorite cardinals.

Meeting one the most influential Catholics in my quest to learn how to defend the faith, Patrick Coffin.

On the exciting Jennifer Fulwiler Show with the fabulous, Jennifer Fulwiler - author, talk show host, and standup comedian.

Speaking after Holy Mass with one of the most incredible leaders of the Church, Cardinal Raymond Burke.

Visiting the Norbertines of Saint Philip's Priory in Chelmsford, England - a young and inspiring Catholic religious community. 

Introducing the "Facebook #GivingTuesday Fundraising Guide for Catholics"

If you look at other #GivingTuesday fundraising campaigns on Facebook, non-profits plan their campaigns. Dioceses plan campaigns to raise funds. Parishes plan campaigns to raise funds. Any large non-profit plans campaigns to raise funds. When it comes to YOUR Facebook fundraising campaigns, you can plan to quickly find donors and raise more funds to support your cause.  

Inside "Facebook #GivingTuesday Fundraising Guide for Catholics" you're getting 19 pages of step by step instructions on how to quickly run a successful fundraising campaign. 

On Tuesday, December 3, you can reach thousands of prospective donors, because millions of Catholics use Facebook daily.

Facebook will match up to $100,000 in donations made that day to any US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit eligible to receive donations on Facebook. Donations are matched dollar for dollar on a first-come, first-served basis until $7,000,000 USD in eligible donations are made on Facebook. You also get to keep 100% of the donations because $0 will be charged for transaction fees.

Want to make 2019 #GivingTuesday your best year ever? Then pick up a copy of "Facebook #GivingTuesday Fundraising Guide for Catholics" here on this page!

Includes 10 Pre-Written Scripts

What to do write and say to inspire people to donate? By being clear and direct in your messaging, people will quickly know why you are asking for a donation and give.  

In this guide, I provide you pre-written scripts and instructions for how to use them in your own Facebook #GivingTuesday campaign. 

You get scripts for every Facebook post, email, and video that you might need to produce for the campaign. Most importantly, you save hours of work!

Includes 14 Steps to Launch Campaign

Do you have limited amount of time to run a Facebook #GivingTuesday campaign? Then you have to get your hands on what is the clearest step by step guide for Catholics on how to launch a campaign.  

There's no secret to fundraising success on Facebook. You have follow the best practices on the social media platform, and now you can implement each of those steps in rapid speed.  

Inside "Facebook #GivingTuesday Fundraising Guide for Catholics" I'll personally show you the steps like how to write a Facebook post to inspire donations, use email to attract more donors, and why you should consider using video.

Bonus Steps on How to 10x Your Donors

How do you raise as much as you can? You have to get AS MANY CATHOLICS to see your #GivingTuesday campaign.  

The amount you raise actually depends how quickly you can get Catholics to see your fundraising campaign. The best way to do this is to have a pre-launch to your campaign and have Facebook show your campaign to as many people as possible on Tuesday. 

In this guide, I explain how you can build awareness to your contacts and spend a few dollars on Facebook advertising to 10x the number of people who see your campaign. By doing so, you increase the number donors to your campaign. 

Here's what you're getting when you take advantage of this guide today...

  • The "Facebook #GivingTuesday Fundraising Guide for Catholics"

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  • 10 Pre-Written Scripts

Saves you hours of work

  • 14 Steps to Launch your Facebook #GivingTuesday Campaign

Saves you hours of confusion and stress

  • Bonus Steps on How to 10x Your Donations

Significantly increase the amount you raise

  • 0% Facebook transaction fees

100% goes to your mission

  • Facebook matching of up to $100,000

2x the amount your raise from your donors

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From one Catholic to another, I know how difficult fundraising can be. Therefore, I want to make this as easy as possible for you.

You don't have time to waste!

Time left to plan, prepare, and launch your Facebook #GivingTuesday campaign: